Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Moved into a new place over a month and a half ago. It's a one bedroom townhouse with....a bigger kitchen and washer and dryer connections! I just finally got around to putting up pics.
Bakers Rack in the kitchen
BIG kitchen (at least compared to the old one)

Entertainment Corner
Desk/Scrapbook area

Couch (need more decorations)

Dinning room

Beautiful picture in the hallway
Downstairs bathroom

Stairs(there is a baby gate at the bottom.
Do we have a baby? Yes, and his name is Zeppelin)

Bookshelf at the top of the stairs


I LOVE the new bedroom furniture!

On the dresser to remind us "All you need is LOVE"

Those are candle holders I made

New decorations in the bedroom

I painted all these!

Bed and new artwork

Messing around with the accent color on my camera

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