Thursday, November 4, 2010

Built to Last

This past weekend, Chris and I had the privilege of going to see my cousin Adam get married. His bride, Anna, was absolutely stunning and their love for each other was so evident. The music for the wedding was perfect and I am so glad that we got to spend time with all of my family and be there for such an important occasion. It was definitely a long drive, but my super sweet man did majority of the driving!!!!

On Thursday, we spend the day in Nashville with my grandparents. It was so good to get to spend some time with them and just relax. Then on Friday we got up early and headed out for Collinsville (near St. Louis). We spent some time with my family before heading to the rehearsal.

Chris and I at the rehearsal.

Mom and Michelle

The entertainment! I'm so impressed that no one cried. Uncle Gary started out with the sweetest song called "I'll Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Then my dad played guitar and Uncle Gary, Uncle David, and Aunt Sheri sang "My Wish" by Rascall Flatts and then Aunt Sheri and Uncle David sang "When God Made You." The songs were are so perfect and the music was gorgeous!

The Bride and Groom ~ They wrote their own vows and Adam sang Anna a song with his vows.

Wedding Day! I love my daddy!

My perfect family. (I picked out mom's pretty dress)

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Linnell

I am so glad he came too!

Trying to get a Christmas picture.

Dad, Michelle, and I with Aunt Sheri and Uncle Gary.

LOVE HER!!!! Andrea was so pretty!

Papaw and his kiddos

One of the most precious men alive. I will be the luckiest girl ever if I marry someone half as awesome as he is. He made sure to call Mamaw all weekend and was so excited to get back to take her out to lunch. Too cute!

They kinda rock for making me!

Adam and Anna did most of the reception themselves. It was so pretty! Aunt Sheri made 300 cupcakes that were amazing. I helped frost a few of them. We had a blast making a mess at 5:30am.
Two Beautiful Mommys

So happy for them!
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I am happy that Chris was able to come and meet them and I realize more and more how lucky I really am. It was a perfect weekend!

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