Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Zeppelin, Happy Birthday to You!

Today was Zeppelin's first birthday. Our little boy is growing up (sniff sniff). We had a little party with some friends! Enjoy the funny pictures!

Chris, Whitney, Me, Josh, and Justin and the birthday boy!
And yes, be jealous of our super cool hats!

Might be the best picture ever! So adorable! Zeppelin loves his aunt Whitney!

Even Chris was a sport about wearing the hats. Too cute!

I look rough, but its a cute picture if you can get over that part...

Even Justin (Whitney's boyfriend) came to celebrate!

My attempt at making a dogbone cake. I'll get better before I have kids I hope. If not, I'll be saying, "Mooooommmmy....!"

We were determined to get a picture of him with the hat on...

This was as good as it gets!
I'm so glad we have such great friends. They were all great sports about wearing the hats, playing with Zeppelin, and letting me take blackmail pictures. I LOVE my friends!

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  1. Happy Birthday the hats very
    cute and yes, you do have great friends who are good sports. Love you TONS! Mom