Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Need to Post

So I have been really bad about updating on here. There hasn't been much going on as of late, so there isn't really much to post. So bare with me, this will be incredibly random!

-I will be living in Atlanta in 2 weeks and 1 day. This is crazy to me, because I can not imagine living there BY MYSELF!!!!
-I'm currently working out my notice at PerfectServe...and have been put back to the text agent 24/7. Its great since it allows me to do tons of other things, but it is slightly boring, for someone who thrives on learning new things!
-I made my new budget for the next 6 months yesterday, and things are looking VERY exciting! I'm going to make the most of this time of paying no rent, utilities, cable, etc and SAVE SAVE SAVE!
-I was told last week by an amazing lady who I admire that I am really "growing up." I've come to realize that this means I'm learning to make the "unfun" decisions, such as going shopping for business suits, instead of summer clothes...NO FUN! hahaha
-Apparently no one under a size 8 would need to wear a suit. Because thats one of the smallest sizes for 90% of suits (I'm a 2!). The good news is...I feel very thin!
-God is so amazing! I'm learning so much in my new Biblestudy, "BreakFree" by Beth Moore. Only one week in and I can't wait to dig deeper into God's Word.
-I'm getting a lot better at cooking smaller portions! I used to always have tons of leftovers, which neither Chris or I like to eat.
-Zeppelin's 1st birthday is this coming Sunday (April 25). Happy Birthday Zeppelin! Now its time to start acting like a big boy (ie...stop going to the bathroom in the house)!
-I went to the Knoxville zoo on Sunday with my friend Kristen and her almost 3 year old son Jamison. It was great to hang out and watch Jamison get so excited about seeing the animals!
-I NEED a tan. Pronto. Seriously.
-Found this website (
http://www.groupon.com/)! They have all different deals for big cities around the US, but they sell them at incredible prices. Example: I just bought a $40 coupon for dinner in Atlanta for $15. If you sign up, use this link http://www.groupon.com/r/uu1679971 please! When you refer people, you get extra goodies when you buy stuff!
-Life is hectic. Just trying to slow down, spend time with people I love, and prepare for this new adventure! Can't wait to see where I end up in a few short months!

Okay. Well thats life. Can't wait to update from my new stomping grounds!

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