Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well boys and girls, it finally happened. I GOT A JOB!!!! I will be staying in Knoxville so that's good and I'll give more details about the job later. God has shown his faithfullness because until this morning I was not sure which of two offers to accept. Thanks to lots of prayer and talking to some people who I love and respect (thanks again!) I feel that I have made the right choice. I will either be starting the 8th or the 15th of February (pray for the 8th).

I will be moving...but just to another apartment in my complex! This one has washer and dryer connections!!!! It's a two story townhouse with a HUGE kitchen (compared to what I have now) and a porch off the back. It's going to suck moving everything but I think it will be worth it. I'll post pictures when we're done getting everything in.

This is really late but it snowed a little bit in Knoxville a few weeks ago, and it was Zeppelin's first snow! I took pictures and I know you all want to see them!

Love you guys!
I love this dog...even though he wouldn't go to the bathroom in the snow...
Eating the snow
Not quite sure what this white stuff is

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