Monday, December 7, 2009

T-6 Days

Less than one week until graduation, and I couldn't feel less unprepared and more confused about the future. This is the day I have been waiting for and dreaming about for years, yet I wish it was further away because reality is not so very fun. I still have one strong possibility of getting a job with a great company (I've already had two interviews), it still makes me nervous because for the first time I dont know what the future holds. I've always known that around January 5th I'd be heading back to classes (sigh) and while it feels fantastic to know that I won't be...what am I going to do if I do not find a job? I am blessed to currently still have a job at Best Buy, and while I don't want to stay there forever, it is a job for the meantime. Praise God! Please pray for me as I should be hearing back today about the date and location of my third and final interview with Ferguson. The location will most likely be where I will end up moving in January, so hopefully its some place good! Please pray for patience for me as I continue this job search and that my interview would go flawlessly with Ferguson. Thanks in advance!

It snowed here on Saturday and Zeppelin was hilarious! He is such a little *girl in the sense that he was scared of the snow and refused to go to the bathroom outside. I was hoping to get some cute pictures of him in the snow but he had other plans. I went with Kim (Chris's mom) to a ladies tea at her church on Saturday and it was very nice. It was a great time of worship and fellowship and I am very glad I was able to go! The table decorations were so gave me great ideas for my tables in the future!

Chris has to go have one more root canal type thing on Friday, yes I know, two days before please keep him in your prayers for a painless procedure and a quick recovery.

We are very excited to begin the holiday season. We both love Christmas time and it is fun to begin new traditions and try and figure out where we will be when type thing (which is kind of stressful). We even got Zeppelin some awesome presents for his stocking and my grandmama got him a santa outfit to wear on Christmas morning. I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures. I love you all and can't wait to see some of you at graduation. Thanks again for your prayers!

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