Monday, December 28, 2009

UH OH...I Think I'm A Big Girl Now

December 13, 2009...the night that made my dad and Mr. James cry, the night grandpa had been telling random people about for months, the night I have been waiting for my whole life. It was a perfect day. On Saturday Uncle Gary, Mom and Dad, and Grandparents came up and Chris and I met them for lunch. We then came back to the apartment where we played "Seinfeld Scene It," Mom, Uncle Gary, and I versus Chris. We won, but only barely. That was lots of fun! We also played spades at the hotel they were staying at, Uncle Gary and I versus Chris and Dad. At first we were kicking their butts, and then we lost. But that was tons of fun too! Chris and I went to pick up Mr. James and Mrs. Debbie at the airport and then we all hung out at the hotel. On Sunday (Graduation Day), some of us went to church, then Mr. James and I went to my apartment so he could meet Zeppelin, and then I took the boys on a tour of campus. We all split up to go get ready and let me just say, I was having a PERFECT hair day (thank you Jesus)! We went to graduation at Thompson Boling Arena, which was waaaay too long but Dad and Mr. James cried a little bit! After we had a party at the Copper Cellar. It was great to get to see everybody and Mom outdid herself on the decorations! It was a perfect day!

The Graduation Ceremony

My AMAZING Neyland Stadium Cake
My Person(Grace)Kim(Chris's Mom), Me, and Chris
I love my MOMMY!

My Second Family (The Corks)

Mrs. Debbie and Mr. James

Daddy's "big" little girl
I'm so glad everybody came!

Thanks for my pearls!

Love her!

I couldn't have made it through without you guys. Thanks!
Everyone means so much to me and all of you guys helped me get to wear I am. I appreciate your love and support and am looking forward to the future!

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