Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our First Christmas Together

This Christmas was very special for us since it was technically our first christmas together. We are lucky that we were able to celebrate Christmas with both of our families! We spent Christmas Eve with Chris's family...and they spoiled us! It was a great time of hanging out, eating good food (thanks Kim) and laughing at the funny gifts everybody got. Chris and I went on covert operations to get pictures of his family from when they were little to now (thanks to Dan's help) and I made Kim a scrapbook for Christmas. It was so interesting to see Chris and his family and how he has grown-up. I think it brought back many great memories for Chris and it was my honor to be able to create such a special gift for such a sweet lady. I'm just afraid we'll never be able to top that gift (what have I gotten myself into :)?).

Kim and her scrapbook
Matt and his new guitar

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Snoopy boxers and Leg Lamp boxers (from A Christmas Story)

And the front...this is too funny!

Stocking presents
After we finished hanging out with Chris's family, we made the trek to Nashville. It was raining, and Zeppelin was being a pain, but we listened to Christmas music and began to talk about the new year, so it was actually fun. I also made my mom a scrapbook of all of our disney trips (I know, I'm pretty much awesome). Thanks dad for getting all the pictures. It was so much fun to create something I know my mom will love. We spent Christmas day with my family and had good times and great food! Grandmama got Zeppelin the cutest Santa outfit so of course I made him wear it. Be aware you may be blinded by his cute-ness!

Santa Zeppelin

Grandpa-LOVE HIM

Mom and her scrapbook...she cried a few tears

Too precious

Yea for Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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